Do you keep your eggs in your refrigerator door? This is why you shouldn’t!

It can be damaging to your health
When you buy your eggs in the supermarket, you get them of a shelf instead of out of a fridge. So, how should you store them at home? Can you keep them in the fridge or is it better to store them outside of it? We’ve got the answer for you, but it’s a little more complicated then you might think. When you buy eggs from the supermarket, it’s best to store them in the fridge. But where in the fridge matters quite a bit!

It turns out that keeping your eggs in the refrigerator door isn’t the best idea…

Fridge door

That useful little rack inside your fridge door isn’t the best place to keep your eggs. Why? Because you frequently open and close your fridge door. Because of this, the eggs are regularly exposed to sudden changes in temperature. According to expert Vlatka Lake from the British Space Station this can lead to them becoming rotten much more quickly. Plus, the rack in the fridge door can cause an egg to burst when you’re cooking it.

Growth of bacteria

The best way to store your eggs is to leave them in their original box and place them at the back of your fridge. They will stay fresh for a longer period of time this way because of the stable temperature. This will prevent them from drying out as well. The cold temperature at the back of the fridge also counteracts the growth of bacteria, which means your chances of getting infected with salmonella are reduced. The ideal temperature to keep your eggs in is four degrees Celsius.

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