Mother has to leave water park immediately because of ‘inappropriate outfit’

She was warned by employees

Madelyn decided to lie down on her towel, but was suddenly approached by two female employees. And she couldn’t believe what these women were telling her. The employees asked Madelyn to leave the park, as the bikini she was wearing was ‘too small’ and ‘inappropriate’.




When Madelyn turned to look at the other women at the water park, she got confused. These women were dressed just like her. Madelyn felt ashamed, but this feeling soon turned into anger. She had worked too hard to be insulted like that. “My body looks different from that of the young girls who walk around here in their bikinis, why should I be ashamed of my body? I feel comfortable in my bikini and happy with who I am,” she exclaimed. To which the employees said that the mother’s bikini bottoms were “tremendously inappropriate”.

Law enforcement

According to the water park employees, the woman had two options: put on shorts over her bikini or leave the water park. Madelyn disagreed with both options and asked to speak to their manager. “If you want me to leave, you’d better call the police and have them escort me,” Madelyn shouted. Not long after, the police arrived to escort Madelyn out of the park. Not because they agreed with the water park employees, but because they had to do their job. “We can’t really say anything,” the officers told Madelyn. “But we hope you can tell from the looks on our faces how we feel about this…”

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