Woman first gives birth to baby, then to twins just 26 days later


No money for an ultrasound

Arifa and her husband both come from poor families. That’s why they couldn’t afford ultrasounds during the entire pregnancy. Arifa Sultana’s gynecologist Sheila Poddar, from the university clinic in the city of Khulna, who cared for Arifa as she was delivering her twins: “She didn’t know she was still pregnant with twins”. And neither did the doctors.

But after she gave birth, Arifa kept suffering from abdominal pains. What had happened? The twins had been hiding in a second womb. And it was simply overlooked at the time of the first birth. One concerned doctor: “I’ve never seen anything like it.”


Again, both Arifa and her three newborns are doing well. However, the brand new mother is concerned about the family’s financial situation. Her husband earns around 6,000 taka a month, which is about 62 euros. Arifa: “I don’t know how we can carry such great responsibilities with so little money.” Still, her husband remains positive: “I will do my best to make them happy.”

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