Think defrosting your freezer is difficult? It’s not! It’s super easy with THIS handy trick!

Even easier

Defrosting your freezer is a necessary evil and with the trick we explained on the previous page it’s not that difficult at all. But it can be even easier! After you’ve defrosted your freezer, you can use this simple trick to make sure it takes even less time to defrost your freezer the next time.

Baking spray

The miracle product you need is baking spray! The next time you’ve completely cleaned your freezer, spray some cooking or baking spray on the inside. The baking spray will make the walls of your freezer slick, which means the ice that will accumulate there will be much easier to remove the next time. You can use this trick for other things as well. Spray some cooking spray on your car doors when it’s snowing outside; that way your car doors won’t freeze shut!

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